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Mathieu Miel


Mathieu Miel (real name Mathieu Meslin), born on October 14, 1992 in Cholet is a French comedian and also a DJ/ Music Producer

Since the early 2000s, he discovered a real passion for electronic music, seeking for CDs Compilations and recording radio mixes on cassette

in 2005, he discovered TempoFM107, a web radio station which was located in Belgium

he started to listen every week various programs such as PartyZone and Eternal Trance which were about House and Trance music coming mainly from Belgium and Germany.

Later one, a friend of him gave him some DJ mixes which was produced by DJ Doboy and he fell in love with dance music

In 2006, he started to mix some music in his bedroom, using two cd players and a mixer and make some compilations for his friends and was booked for a first gig for the Lycée Dupuy de Lôme

by that time he also met his friend Richard with whom he will also make music.

In 2007, he made his first called Alternative using Rave Ejay4 for the "Laser Blade Music Contest".

During the year, he also discovered a passion for theater, by working for "Le Grand Theatre" in Lorient for his secondary school internship

In 2008, he met Aaron with whom he will make music and also attending events such as "Le Coota" in Erdeven

Until 2012, he played together with Aaron and Flo, but also with a jazz band, in several bars playing mainly folk, jazz, rock and experimental music

He was also booked at the Metropolis in Lanester as a DJ for two nights.

In late 2012, he also started to perform in his first play, "Les Aveugles"

In 2014, he joined Kewenn Entractes in Queven where he will perform "Colocataire" which was played during "Kerhervy Festival" in Lanester, and also at the "Arcs of Queven"

Since 2018, he is working with "Les Barbes Rampantes" in Nantes where they perform monthly in bars and outside events

Since 2019, he also releases music over YouTube and many streaming platforms.

Since 2021, he works regularly with the JDG Team for the Youtube Show "Joueur du grenier".

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